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Duraco is the clear choice for your specialty tape needs. From design conception to assembly, you can count on our 65 years of expertise, unmatched service and quality product to deliver the optimal solution for your application.

Headquartered in Forest Park, IL, Duraco manufactures to the highest quality. We ensure local distribution to our customers with a wholly owned distribution network across North America. Our Duraco locations are positioned to provide 1 to 2 day delivery with very small minimum order requirements. Whether you purchase a little or a lot – we’ve got it in stock locally.

Holding It Together.

You may not see our products, but our tapes work hard behind the scenes holding it together with signs that point you in the right direction, POP displays that educate and inspire you to try new products, in appliances making them water-tight and quiet, in buildings to reinforce structural or design elements, in schools and museums providing reliable, temporary solutions for constantly changing needs, sealing the deal on envelopes and securely packaging contents as they travel around the globe, and so much more.

You may not see us, but our business is all around you.

How It All Started

In 1947, a For Sale ad caught Sid Furth’s eye of a business for sale that distributed rubber goods and hoses. Being the shrewd business man he was, Sid snapped it up and opened the company as Durable Rubber Products. As the company grew, it got away from its roots of cutting rubber hoses to length and reselling them. Customers started asking for these rubber products with glue on them. From there the concept of Twin Stick was born. .

With his and his partner Tom Zyck’s vision the company grew. Since rubber hosing was no longer a part of the product offering it was time for a name change. Since they didn’t want to lose all name recognition of Durable Rubber Products, the new name of Duraco was adopted in 1977. The company then grew and began expanding its customer base, becoming a leader in the Appliance and Point-Of-Purchase markets. New Products, such as film tapes, were introduced and Duraco grew even faster.

This success led to the sale from the Furth Family to Filtrona (Essentra) in 2007. From there the company expanded even further, expanding it’s reach internationally. Then in 2019, it’s continued success led to OpenGate Capital purchasing the company and returning it to it’s proper name of Duraco.

Duraco Certifications

Quality Policy

Duraco is committed to providing adhesive coated and uncoated products that meet contractually defined functional requirements, delivered on time, to the satisfaction of our customers, aided by the continual improvement of the Quality Management System.