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There are many challenges facing brick and mortar stores. From the slow economic recovery to the existential threat of ecommerce, it often seems that no news is good news for traditional retailers.

A closer look, though, reveals a much brighter picture. Retail sales in January 2014 were $427.8 billion, a 2.6 percent year-over-year increase, according to the US Department of Commerce (pdf). This is especially encouraging given the harsh winter that has been blamed for lower employment and productivity.

What’s more, there’s encouraging signs for brands and retailers at the micro level. In our infographic, From Browsers to Buyers, we looked at two different strategies that can be effective in helping retailers and brands drive sales.

The first strategy is to embrace effective in-store display advertising to catch a shopper’s attention (which takes the right foam or twin stick tape). The second is to embrace mobile shoppers and meet the challenge of show rooming head-on.

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From Browsers to Buyers: Increasing Retail Sales w/ POP and mo

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