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General Questions

1. Where do I start? How do I know what tape is best in my application?

Use our application center to select the specifics of your project. If you are still unsure, call our experienced Customer Service team 866 800 0775 for help. Please note, more than one tape may be appropriate for your application. Get a free sample of each and test to determine what works best.

2. What’s the difference between a rubber and acrylic based adhesive?

Rubber based adhesives bond immediately to a wide variety of surfaces but are not suitable for exposure to direct sunlight or adhering to flexible plastics. Acrylic adhesives provide higher temperature resistance, bond well even when exposed to sunlight and work with flexible plastics. Acrylic adhesives take 24-48 hours to reach a full bond.

3. How long do removable adhesives hold?

Once bonded, removable adhesives can last over 1 year and still remove cleanly from a hard non-delaminating surface. Exposure to sunlight and extreme temperatures can reduce the holding power of these adhesives.

4. What’s a non-delaminating surface?

A surface that consists of non-layering composites. For example, wallpaper would be considered a delaminating surface because it is composed of several layers.

5. What is pressure sensitive adhesive tape?

Pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tape can be defined as a continuous flexible strip of cloth, paper, metal or plastic coated on one or both sides with a permanently tacky adhesive at room temperature which will adhere to a variety of surfaces with light pressure (finger pressure) with no phase change (liquid to solid) and usually on a roll.

6. How does surface preparation affect the product’s performance?

Dirt, Oil, paint, dust, release agents, inhibitors, or other contaminants on the surface of the substrate can interfere with the adhesive and affect the bond. Preparing the surface so it is clean, dry, and free from contaminants will improve the tape bond.

7. What is the best way to clean a surface?

General cleaning using a 50/50 mixture of Isopropyl Alcohol and water then drying with a clean lint-free cloth is the simplest way to make sure a surface is clean. Using products that can leave a residue, such as commercial window cleaners are not recommended.

8. What adhesive is best for outdoor use?

Acrylic adhesives provide a wider temperature range and are usually better suited for outdoor use. All pressure sensitive adhesives need to be applied at ambient temperature for best results.

Foam Tape Questions

1. I used a permanent tape and now need to remove the foam residue and adhesive. What should I use to remove it?

An adhesive remover can be used to remove the adhesive and any foam residue. Follow the package instructions on the adhesive remover carefully.

2. How much weight can the tape hold?

Permanent foam tape, like Twin Stick or Dubl Kote, can hold 1lb per square inch of tape. Removable foam tape, like Remo One or Remo Two, can hold 1/2 lb per square inch of tape. These are general guidelines and we always recommend testing each application. Conditions and variables in applications can produce different stresses and affect holding power.

3. Can removable tapes be used more than once?

Our removable tapes are not intended for multiple use.

4. Why would I need a foam tape instead of a film tape?

Foam tapes are conformable and are best suited for rough or irregular surfaces. If you are adhering to a smooth surface, a film tape would be the best choice.

5. What thickness of foam tape should I use?

For most POP display applications, use 1/32” thickness. For corrugated or textured surfaces, a 1/16” thickness would be better. Greater thicknesses are available to add gap filling as needed. We offer free samples, so it is best to test different thicknesses in the application before purchasing.

6. Can you produce custom shapes for my application?

Yes. Please call customer service 866 800 0775.

Duraco High Bond Questions

1. Can Duraco High Bond replace mechanical fasteners?

Yes. Duraco High Bond is an acrylic foam core tape strong enough to replace screws, welds, and rivets in many applications. Allow 48-72 hours for a full bond and in heavy weight bearing applications, we recommend using a primer before applying the tape.

2. Can I get a custom die cut piece using Duraco High Bond?

If you need a custom size, please call customer service 866 800 0775.